At Aspee Nutan Academy, we believe that co-curricular activities are central to developing confidence and providing wholesome education. We will provide full encouragement to our students to participate and explore all opportunities that interest them. Students will be able to take part in a wide variety of activities and competition not only for building recreation and relaxation, but also as an aid to educational advancement.

At Aspee Nutan Academy, special emphasis is given on Sports as Academics and Sports complement each other. Apart from promoting health and strength, sports and aerobics teaches students many good qualities of the head and heart. We aim to create an awareness of the crucial importance of regular physical activity, stamina, obedience, teamwork, discipline, will power, the determination to win and a keen positive competitive spirit.

Other Proposed Activities
Yoga, Aerobics, Karate, Music and Skating Athletics are a few activities which the school offers to cater to the all- round development of the child.
Field trips

Field trips to various educational places help us to learn through experiences as visual impact on learning makes it much more interesting and long lasting. The school takes regular educational trips for the purpose of development of concepts taught.