The key features of the CISCE curriculum includes:

Concept learning

Project & Activity based

Child-centric learning

Encourages spirit of inquiry, reflection and communication

Aims to make students more self-repant and self-confident

Allows children to compete in the global arena

Gives freedom to experiment with new ideas and practices

Diversity and plurapty – the basic strength for evolution of ideas

Schools have the freedom to decide on the syllabus, books and examination practices

Minimum monitoring allowing schools to evolve its own niche

Catering to the needs of the children

School to have strong roots in the national psyche and be sensitive to national aspirations

Schools to motivate pupils towards the cultivation of Excellence & Values

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

Integrated learning is the base of pre-primary education. We will encourage students to explore the joy of learning while they play, thus nurturing them into competent scholars of tomorrow with emphasis on analytical thinking and critical reasoning.

The lessons are designed to stimulate their curiosity levels and not bore them or challenge them; every lesson is just another interesting game for them. Gradually they will be introduced to events and taught safety rules and personal hygiene. Basic concepts of yoga will also be introduced so as to imbibe disciplinary values. They will be given liberty to scribble, draw and have fun in their own creative ways.
“You see things and say ‘Why?’ But I see things and say ‘Why not?’” – George Bernard Shaw

The primary curriculum aims at physical, mental, emotional and social development. We aim to encourage and inspire every child to observe, analyze and question.

Various projects are planned on different subjects that bring the students, their parents and the teachers together as a team. While working on these projects, children will acquire hands-on knowledge about their subjects. Several events such as Science shows, Physical Training activities, Hindi & English events, etc. will also be organized. We will ensure that young minds have something new to look forward to each day.
The Secondary Curriculum focuses on the academic knowledge and content attainment. It is purely based on experiential learning and skill based education.

Regular assesments, projects, activities and presentations help students to attain 100% understanding of concepts as prescribed by the CISCE Board.

The Secondary Curriculum focuses on development of personality and hones the talents of students to achieve desirable changes and attain lifelong learning.
“Parenting isn’t a practice – it’s a daily learning experience”

Parents need to be aware of their role in bringing out the child’s talents, interests and education. They also need to understand their role of participating along with teachers to ensure the child’s wholesome development. a Parent Orientation workshop will therefore be conducted for the parents of the preprimary section by our Principal when school reopens in June 2015. The purpose of this session is to familiarize parents on the new CISCE setup and to align their expectations for the forthcoming year.
“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others”

Teacher support and development is considered to be the backbone of any school. Aspee Nutan Academy whole-heartedly acknowledges the role of teachers in shaping the institution. For a teacher to be effective, it is imperative to recognize the factors that permit teachers to perform their roles effectively.

Careful selection of trained teachers will be followed by a strong teacher development and support program. A well-designed in-service training program will provide opportunities for teachers to:
  • Be informed about the latest research findings in education.
  • Be in touch with their inner self and professional development.
  • Develop interpersonal skills necessary for meaningful interaction with school-age children. Learn from the strengths of experienced teachers in school in India and abroad.
  • Upgrade their skills and knowledge levels as teachers of an integrated educational curriculum.

In order to address the needs of the teachers, members of the core team will regularly conduct training and professional support workshops. To start off, the Principal will conduct an Induction Program to brief new teachers with the school policies and expectations. Being an ISO certified school, we try our level best to train and tune our employees to yield better results. Happiness and creativity in teachers provide a good working and learning atmosphere.